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Exercise is as important as food and water. There is some exercise for every disease or pain to help us. Speaking of the condition of varicose veins, there are several exercise for varicose veins that help in stimulating blood circulation in the body. Earlier, exercises were not spoken of much. Rather it was a daily routine for people. More than exercise, physical movement was more 10 to 15 years ago, than it is now. There was less tension among people, they were satisfied with their lives, and the anxiety or need to prove themselves or hustle was less. It is not that people did not want to become successful, they did and we have eminent examples too but the competition level was unknown, subsequently, the stress levels came down too. Nowadays, especially in the last 3 to 4 years, the boom of technology and the internet has made us less active with rising levels of stress. We want to achieve and strive but seeing other people’s success sometimes makes us sad and question about the future.

A brief introduction about the condition would be that it is a condition of the veins where they swell up and get enlarged due to the accumulation of blood in the valves. This leads to the color change of the veins and increases their visibility as well. The color changes to bluish-black and it becomes visible from the skin as well.
Exercise cannot help in completely curing varicose veins. However, it can provide comfort and stimulate circulation. Exercises are just a means to help in curing the varicose veins but they are never enough. There are complications attached to the varicose veins which require self-care treatment and doctor consultations. Varicose veins treatment exercises are prescribed by the doctor to help in the quick recovery of the patient. Well, exercises can be highly beneficial in reducing the possibility of varicose veins. Regular exercise tone our muscles and initiate blood circulation in our body. The movement in the body, especially the legs, helps in keeping the cells active and timely removal of toxins from the body. So the answer to the question – can varicose veins be cured with exercise, Is no, exercise cannot cure it.
Let’s check out some exercises that can help in making the situation better. Varicose veins exercise majorly focuses on increasing the body activity and making the body active. Generally, varicose pain occurs in the legs. So, let us know about some exercise for varicose veins in the legs as well.
Brisk Walking
Walking has always been a great go-to exercise for us. It helps in the digestion and movement of our body. We are often advised to take a walk after having a meal. Well, that is because walking helps in digesting the food and improving calf muscle pump action in the legs.
Riding a normal cycle or a standing cycle, both work very well for the legs. Cycling is an activity that makes the entire whole body move and work. It is considered an excellent activity to initiate movement in the body, burn fats and sweat. It works wonders in helping us lose weight. However, cycling can be a bit tough at the start, especially when using a normal cycle. It is because in the normal cycle we have to handle our body weight and ride appropriately. Riding on the road helps in the active working of our mind and makes us alert and aware of the things happening around us. It is like an overall development for the body. Cycling helps in the blood circulation of our calves and maintains the healthy functioning of our bodies.

The most fun exercise is, as an exercise for varicose veins. Swimming helps us in muscle movement inside the water. It is the best cardio exercise with low impact. Since we are in a horizontal position, our joints and bones do not have to bear with our body weight. Swimming requires a push of legs, up and down. This stops the blood from pooling in the calves and promotes blood circulation in the body.
Leg Lift
Lifting your leg high eases the flow of blood. Okay, so go near a wall and lie down on your back. It is preferable to use a bed near the wall for better performance of the exercise. So, all we have to do it, lie down on our backs and lift our legs against the wall. It will look like an L position. Keep it for 10 to 15 mins. We can perform this exercise any time of the day, daily. This will help in flowing the blood as the legs are now aligned in the direction of the blood flow occurring in the veins.
Headstand or handstand
Don’t worry, it is alright if you cannot do the exercise. I have an easy shortcut for you. Go near a wall and kneel in a crawl position. With the help of your hands, start crawling up the wall with your legs. Slowly, reach your limit and this is how we can perform headstand without knowing. The inverted position helps in boosting the blood circulation in the body and improves the overall health of the body as well.
Health is wealth! We have all heard of this phrase and the recent times and proved its importance terrifyingly to us. And to maintain a healthy lifestyle: healthy food, healthy drinks, regular exercising, and a healthy lifestyle. Exercise for varicose veins mostly incorporates the movement of legs and the lower body. The
exercises help in maintaining the blood flow in the veins and reduces the possibility of damaged veins.