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With about every 3 in 10 people suffering from varicose veins, it does not seem to be just a mere issue. Varicose veins are enlarged and swollen veins that can cause pain. It is one of the many problems that are believed to be affecting the lives of its victims on a daily basis. The real issue with these medical conditions is finding out the most feasible, convenient and effective treatment. While there may be times that a doctor’s intervention is required to avail oneself with the best solution for these problems, most of us would prefer solving them to the maximum possible extent while sitting at home. Wondering about how to remove varicose veins at home? Here are some effective varicose veins home remedies!

A majority of these home remedies for varicose veins have been proven to bring a significant amount of changes in the lives of those suffering from them by relieving the symptoms.

  1. Changes in the diet: Food plays a major role in the varicose veins home treatment. Change in diet can help a lot in improving the condition of the person.
    A good diet is essential for controlling the inflammation in the body, regulating the circulation of blood, avoiding health issues like blood pressure, dehydration, hormonal imbalance and most importantly maintaining a healthy weight.
    Dietary tips:
    A. Avoiding junk food to limit the amount of trans fat in the body.
    B. Limiting the consumption of sugar.
    C. Avoid the consumption of salt to prevent dehydration.
    D. Avoiding processed food.

E. Avoiding the consumption of caffeine.
F. Alcohol is a big no!
G. Eating high fiber foods to avoid constipation that leads to bloating and ultimately increases pressure in the veins in the lower body. Oats, whole grain food, fruits
and vegetables are a storehouse of fiber.
H. Consuming flavonoids through citrus foods and berries can help in inducing anti- oxidants in the body to strengthen the veins, prevent blood clots and reduce
I. Consuming magnesium and potassium rich food is equally essential for avoiding the risk of blood pressure, blood pooling and leg cramps. Sweet potatoes, leafy
green vegetables, cabbage, bananas and fresh caught fishes (a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids) can be helpful.
J. Consuming spicy food, particularly those containing cayenne pepper can be good
for blood circulation and keeping the weight in check.
K. Prevent inflammation in the body by consumption of apple cider vinegar daily. It
may as well help in reducing the swelling. It can also be applied to the affected
L. Natural diuretics present in herbs like parsley, basil, cucumber, celery can help in
reducing water retention in the body.

  1. Exercise: For healthy veins, exercising daily is a must. This helps in preventing as well pushing along the blood accumulated in the veins.
    It can also be beneficial for maintaining appropriate weight.It is not advised to indulge in activities that might cause straining. Low-impact workout is the perfect solution for that. Exercising helps in developing strength in the body as well as improving the blood circulation in the body and preventing high blood pressure, a major cause behind the formation of varicose veins. Yoga, swimming, cycling and walking are one of the most
    advised forms of workouts that can be helpful.
  2. Remedies offered by herbs and plants: These have been essential home remedies since
    time immemorial. The consumption of certain herbs can be useful in dealing with varicose veins.
  3. Some of them are:

A. Horse chestnut extract gel can be purchased and applied directly on the affected region to prevent pain and swelling.
B. Bilberry extract for strengthening of the capillary and dealing with pain associated with varicose veins.
C. Gotu Kola leaves is a herbal medicine that helps in preventing the chances of varicose veins in future by maintaining the integrity of the blood vessels. Can be consumed as tea.
D. Witch Hazel is a marvel treatment for dealing with pain and swelling associated with varicose veins. It can be directly applied to the area.
E. Marigold flower’s paste can be applied directly on the affected area to cure pain and swelling.
F. Parsley leaf solution (parley boiled in water and then cooled) or paste can also be applied on the affected region to cure pain and swelling.
G. Garlic neutralizes inflammation due to poor blood circulation in the veins. Garlic paste can be directly applied on the affected region.
H. Cabbage paste can be applied directly on the affected region to prevent
blood clot.

  1. Massage with oils: Olive oil is a boon for mankind. A ten minute olive oil massage on the affected region can help in increasing the circulation of blood. Massage with lukewarm mustard
    oil can also be effective.
  2. Choose non-restrictive clothing: This is a lifestyle hack that must be followed as a part of the varicose veins home remedies. It is essential to avoid tight clothing that might restrict the flow of blood in the veins.
  3. Always keep the legs elevated at the same height to avoid straining that can cause pain.
    Home remedies for varicose veins can eliminate the need for medical treatment in many cases.
    Being consistent in practicing is all that’s needed for good results. It is also essential to
    understand that in cases where the situation gets worse, a medical checkup is a must.