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What are Varicose veins – Due to overpressure and strain caused on veins, vein walls become damaged and valves turn weak and as a result, bulge with extra blood as it is unable to work against gravity and go in the upward direction. Piles are a case of varicose veins but usually, it happens in the legs as legs carry the entire weight of the body. Symptoms – Symptoms could include the skin of the affected area turn bluish or dark purple. Veins seem like bulging out of the skin and seeming like cords, your legs could also feel heavy due to the overfilling of blood. There could be swelling and throbbing pain on switching positions. Itching and skin discoloration could also happen. Causes – Varicose veins happen due to pressure caused on veins, it causes issues with veinwalls and valves and blood circulation does not happen as expected. It leads to quite a lot of issues and you could be at an increased risk to suffer from varicose veins if you are pregnant, overweight, and other related issues which could add weight. Treatment – Varicose veins could be dealt with in a lot of different ways and has a cure in every branch of medicine. Even compression stockings for varicose veins are a thing, so you could understand the range. Lifestyle changes like a healthy diet and exercise could go a long way and are both curative and preventive. There are elastic bandages and stockings for varicose veins. There are surgeries like laser surgery and radiofrequency waves amongst others to remove the veins.
Compression stockings are a pair of clothing that could be termed as ‘medical stockings’ as they help with issues like varicose veins. Compression stockings for varicose veins could be helpful and help with the betterment of your condition. It is primarily made up of elastic and hosiery. It has proved to be helpful with chronic venous insufficiency, varicose veins, and spider veins.
By wearing compression stockings or commonly known as varicose veins stockings, you will be applying pressure on the bulging vein or veins to be more structured and function normally. The volume decreases by compression and in turn, increases the density which could apply the needed pressure and make the blood flow in the desired direction. Varicose veins compression stockings not only help with preventing the leg from such condition but also helps with improving the condition, in case you are already suffering from this by helping with swollen ankles, legs, pain, cramps, and other symptoms.
MILD – Stockings with mild compression are used when you want to prevent damage to your veins by doing an activity that would require you to be in a posture for a long duration like traveling. It helps with blood circulation.
MODERATE – Moderate compression stockings would be suggested to you when your symptoms for varicose veins and spider veins are starting. It could apply compression on your leg and help ease the symptoms.
FIRM – Firm or extra firm is suggested when your symptoms are severe enough and you can experience severe symptoms like ulcers, thrombosis, etc.
WHICH SIZE TO GO FOR? Size means measurements because you would not want to wear something too tight which causes discomfort or something too loose that would apply no compression at all. Choosing the right size would only be possible with the help of the right measurements.
After you wake, measure your leg. Please make sure this is supposed to be done exactly after waking up when you are still on your bed and lowering your leg should
happen only after measuring your leg.
● For knee-length stockings for varicose veins, measure the thinnest part of your leg (near your ankle) and thickest part of your leg (near your calf).
● After measuring the width, sit on your bed with your legs on the floor so your knees
are at 90 degrees, and measure the length of your leg from the knee to the floor for
both legs.
● For full-length stockings, measure the width, the same way. For measuring the
length, stand up and measure the distance between your hip girdle (or under the
hip) to the floor.

● Taking someone’s help for measurements is recommended as it can be tricky to measure especially when you are doing it on your own.
You would not want to spoil or mess your compression stockings by not taking proper care of those as they can be expensive and they can only work their best if taken care of to preserve them in their original condition. This could be done by using mild temperature to wash them by hand, not using dryers, and other care that you take for fragile clothing.
Compression stockings for varicose veins or other related and similar conditions and diseases are helpful and high;y recommended by doctors. If you are experiencing symptoms be it mild or severe, they could all be improved. They cannot fully heal or eliminate the issue but they help with improving the symptoms along with medication and other treatments to fully heal your veins.