Varicose vein pain

A beginner's guide to pain management for varicose veins: know how to instantly relieve pain here.

How often do you suffer from leg pain?

Long-standing hours or continuous walking causes leg pain. Any severe activity requiring our legs leads to the occurrence of pain in them. But did you know that not all pains are the same?

There is a difference between pains on the thighs, that is, the leg portion above the knees, and pain occurring below the knees. The pain occurring below the knee is scientifically known as varicose vein pain. Scroll down for a complete guide to pain management.


The veins in our body often get worked up due to the added stress of pressure on them. It is then when the varicose vein occurs. Here, the veins of our body get pumped up with blood, twisted and enlarged.

However, this condition is mostly seen to occur in our legs, especially below the news. The varicose vein is not a very serious disease and is more likely to occur in women than men.


Varicose vein pains can be reduced in several ways by providing rest to our veins/legs. Some of the ways on how to reduce varicose vein pains are:

  • Since the pain occurs because the blood is unable to flow to the heart, the best option is to elevate the legs. Try to hold the legs up above the heart so that the elevation can facilitate the easy passage of the blood.
  • Also, lying on the bed and elevating the leg up against the wall can be effective too. Make sure that the stomach is resting on the bed too. Just the body below the stomach must rise and hold up for 10 to 15 mins. This exercise will help in providing the correct direction to the veins, hence facilitating the blood flow. Also, resting the legs in the wall can help in reducing the pain. This exercise is best to increase blood circulation in the body acting as a varicose veins pain relief instrument.
  • Adequate hydration and proper exercises help in blood circulation, ensuring a healthy flow of blood in and out of the heart. Consuming nutrient-rich food and abundant water helps in curing the damage and strengthening the veins, reducing the possibility of pooling of blood.
  • Take help of cold water. We have widely heard about the benefits of hot water baths but cold water baths are beneficial too, especially in these conditions. The cold water will help the veins shrink and reduce swelling, thereby reducing pain as well.
  • Whereas, hot water helps in opening up nerves and relaxing the tightened muscles, and provides relief. Well, this concept will be harmful to cure varicose veins, so do not try this.


Remedies for varicose veins can help us cure the pain in the comfort of our home. Some of the basic remedies are:

Changes in the diets

  1. Increased consumption of salt or sodium-rich food increases water retention in the body. The water retention can just add fuel to the fire. This will increase the swelling and aggravate the condition. So, we must cut down on the consumption of salty food.
  2. Incorporate potassium-rich foods. Potassium helps in reducing water retention in the order. This will help in the retention of fluids like blood in the veins, thereby enhancing circulation. Foods rich in potassium are bananas, almonds, leafy vegetables, etc.
  3. Incorporate fiber-rich food to avoid constipation. The problem of constipation strains the lower region of the small intestines thereby causing strain in the legs too. Dysfunctional bowel movements may aggravate the situation and increase swelling in the veins. So, taking precautions is better than curing.

Switch to loose clothes

With already straining legs, we must not add to the burden by wearing tight-fitting pants or clothes. Wearing tight clothes restricts the easy blood flow/circulation in the body, thereby it might worsen the situation for varicose veins.

Wearing loose pants and clothing will allow the body to breathe and function smoothly, thereby reducing swelling and helping in the reduction of pain. This will help in an instant varicose vein pain relief remedy.

Ensure leg activity

Sitting idle is not going to solve the varicose veins. Make sure to do some activity every day which requires leg movement. We can choose between activities like walking, swimming, walking or yoga. Each activity involves leg movement, so either of them will be beneficial for us.


Leg pain is very common for us. Even toddlers complain about leg pain after spending the entire day playing and jumping. So, there is no issue with the normal leg pain we face from time to time.

But problems arise when the situation reaches its extremes. Either too much activity is taking place or too little activity is taking place. Both situations are not healthy for us, especially the legs.

The sudden change damages or weakens the valves of veins in the legs, thereby leading to their swelling or twisting. Pain is just a complementary feeling after every change we feel. Varicose vein pain can range from a little to too severe in no time, so make sure to take the necessary steps and take care!



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Varicose vein pain

A beginner’s guide to pain management for varicose veins: know how to instantly relieve pain here.

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